Thursday, May 15, 2008


It's you should go here to find me:

Enjoy.  :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Getting Back to Me

Today I am not doing anything at all.

I slept in late and stayed in bed even when I was somewhat awake, drifting in and out.  Smiled when I got the "Good morning babe.  Heres to your day being perfectly relaxing." text I got.  And then finally rolling out of bed around noon, when I decided I really wanted a peanut butter sandwich.

It's been pretty much perfect.

I have been working so much lately, there was literally not a day I didn't have a bunch of work or commitments on my plate for almost three weeks.  Not a single day off among them.

I have been tired, stressed, and on the verge of drastic behaviour for awhile.

So I quit my job at the daycare, Wednesday was my last day.  I was sad to leave, but very relieved at the same time.  It was the right thing to do.  Just one job for me now.

I've been wanting a day to just do as I please.  Nothing required of me, allowing myself to procrastinate for just one day.  To not even think about all the little things that need to get done that I haven't had a chance to do because of all the big things I was having to do.

Tomorrow I'll get lots of little stuff done.  And tomorrow I'll tell you all about the other stuff going on (relationships, London, introspection, etc.).

Today, I am recharging.  I am staying away from anything that might drain my energy or frustrate me.  I'm listening to myself and following my own whims (even though I'm not very whimsical today, laid-back more than anything).  That's it.

See you tomorrow...

Monday, April 28, 2008


I have been working, really and completely literally, every single day and will be until Saturday.  And even when I am not working, I have things to do and people to see...Saturday the little brother is graduating and all that fanfare will occur.

And then there's the guy.  He's pretty much fantastic and we are loving every minute of being together...

So, this is just a briefing to say that I have lots to tell you and beautiful things to write about but I have really not had the time (and well, haven't had much ambition to when I'm off hanging out with him).

So, lovelies, I'll talk to you soon...


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here Come the 123s...

Or 71, 72, 73s...

More stuff you never felt the need to know about me!

71. I have this paranoia about throwing things I'll need away.  Not in that way that people end up with all this stuff they don't need in their house all pack-rat like, but I literally mean, "Oh crap, that was my phone that went in the trash with all the other stuff I just threw away."  I  always make double sure that my keys are in my pocket when I go to take trash to the dumpster, etc.
72. I have things on my mind all the time to add to this list that seem to float away from my remembrance the minute I sit down to write an installment...
73. I will go to pretty much any live show someone invites me to or I happen to stumble upon.  I adore live music, and if the music isn't all that's still live music and it makes me happy.  I don't think anything will change that ever (not that I'd want it to).
74. I have a new best guy friend that I'm not sure how I got along without.  He's tons of fun and his name is G.  The coolest thing about him is that I don't ever feel like I need to explain myself, I can say the craziest things that just pop into my head and he gets it.  Basically, he's like the male version of yours truly...scary, yes.  People keep asking if we're dating, and the answer is no because we're that much alike.
75. I own Backstreet Boys imports, you know, the CDs that have different songs on them because they were released in Europe and not here...this is more of a confession than anything.  I was big into them for awhile...and I still like them (this will be used against me now, I know...).
76. Sometimes it takes me forever to open my mail.  It just collects in a pile until I remember I need to open those envelopes and see what's going on.
77. I have been known to just buy new underwear instead of doing laundry because I didn't have any clean ones for the next day...often.
78. I'd much rather let someone else drive on most occasions.  However, there are only a handful of people that I can sit back and not tell them what to do the whole time or make comments on what they're doing.  In other words, there are only a couple I won't hesitate to hand my keys to if I don't want to drive and I trust them.
79. Dishonesty is kryptonite to any type of relationship I'm in, friends, family, or boyfriends.  I hate when people lie to me or aren't completely honest about what's going on.  I tend to shut down when people do that to me and it may be the one thing that prevents me from reaching out to someone.  I just don't deal with it.
80. I hit the lock and unlock buttons about a zillion times before and after I get out of the car.  Because, you know, I have to be absolutely sure I locked or unlocked the car.

That's all for today, lovelies.  See you next time...
And baby girl you so may-ja'
They should front page-ya
God bless the parents that made ya...
-- Fabolous, "Make Me Better"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things I Am Excited About Tonight:

(In no particular order).

The Office is all new

Tofutti and reisling all for me

Two new magazines to read

The house all to myself

Anticipation of good things tomorrow

My MacBook Pro (still)

Being me (always)